03-06-2010    Safety Engineer Career Opportunity  

Safety Engineer Career Opportunity  
24-12-2009    Career Opportunity-Chief Security  

We invite high motivation, energetic, and dynamic person to joint in our team in the position Chief security.  
19-11-2009    Career Opportunity  

We invite high motivation, energetic, and dynamic person to joint in our team in the position Mechanical Inspector.  
05-08-2009    Testing  

16-07-2009    CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Activities  

Salah satu kegiatan CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) perusahaan adalah Program Kemitraan dan Pembinaan Nelayan di sekitar wilayah industri/pabrik yaitu Ds. Pangaradan Anyer.

Sejalan dengan program tersebut, pada tanggal 8 Juli 2008 telah dilaksanakan Program Mekanisasi Perahu Katir Nelayan berupa penyerahan 20 unit motor perahu katir kepada nelayan di daerah tersebut.

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14-07-2009    Apprenticeship Programme 2009  

Apprenticenship Program 2009 in PT. Tri Polyta Indonesia.  
23-02-2009    Apprenticeship Programme 2009 in PT. Tri Polyta Indonesia  

We invited the young, energetic, dynamic person, self motivated and able to learn fast to joint in our program:

Apprenticeship Program


One of the Tri Polyta Indonesia CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Program 2008, is involving in the improvement of the Education infra-structure and Sanitary Facility in Desa Gunung Sugih Cilegon, and Desa Anyer, Banten.

The two projects realized by Management dan CSR Team in Desa Gunung Sugih are:

  1. Renovation of Madrasah Diniyah Asy-Syifa in Kampung Kopo
  2. Providing Sanitary Facility, and Paving Block for SD Negeri Kopo. 
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04-09-2008    Tri Polyta 1st Semester 2008 Net Income Increased by 80%  

PT Tri Polyta Indonesia Tbk and its subsidiary (TPIA) recorded an 80% increase in its 1st semester 2008 net income to Rp 128 billion, compared to Rp 71 billion in the same period in 2007.

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Financial Statements

Financial Statements - Details

04-07-2008    CAREER OPPORTUNITIES - Painting and Insulation Leader  

We invite high motivation, energetic, and dynamic persons to become a part of our team for the following positions Painting and Insulation Leader.

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