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CAP is committed to become the leading and preferred petrochemical company in Indonesia which supported by the development and training of human resources in it.

CAP is determined to implement business principles that are to give employees safe working conditions and good, as well as the opportunity to use and develop talent with competitive compensation based on performance.

The reason why choose CAP:

  1. CAP prioritizes safety (safety first) and gives a sense of security.
  2. CAP provides competitive salaries and another benefit which is very interesting.
  3. CAP has good facilities and free such as shuttle buses, cafeteria, place of worship, place of treatment, sports venues.
  4. CAP covers health employees, spouses, and children of employee.
  5. CAP provides a scholarship or further education scholarships for employees' children who have achievement.
  6. CAP attention to the welfare of employees.
  7. CAP provides development for employee through various training programs both in-house and out-house.
  8. CAP concerned with people in the operational area of CAP.
  9. CAP believes the Management System Occupational Health and Safety, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) and Responsible Care Management System as fundamental in achieving the company's vision.
  10. CAP already has halal certification, OHSAS 18001:2007, SMK 3 PP no. 50 tahun 2012/ Permenaker 05 tahun 1996, ISO 9001:2008 dan ISO 14001:2004.

Human Resources Booklet

Further information on career in Chandra Asri can be found here .

Hanif Mulki Aulia (MT Batch 2) | Budgeting Performance Review & Insurance Officer

"CAP provides me an operational picture and knowledge in petrochemical business to support my daily work".

Brigitta Della Dyahanggraini (CH UGM 2013) | Utility Engineer Polypropylene Plant

"I was impressed with how well-structured the recruitment process in PT Chandra Asri Petrochemical Tbk is. I’ve already felt a warm welcome from the Company even before I got the job."

Ahmad Chasbi Assiddiqi (ITB Scholarship Batch 2) | Butadiene Engineer

"In CAP, i got a lot of benefits, like knowledge, cooperative colleague, health insurance, bonus, etc."

Rina Sipayung (MT Batch 2) | Talent Management Planning

CAP is a strong, solid, and stable company. Always evolving - never resting, always looking for the next innovation to allow us to stand out further from the competition. Avenues for personal advancement/growth opportunities. CAP invests financially in its employees’ professional development. Good training is available to everyone.