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Corporate Secretary

In order to improve transparency, service, and communication to the stakeholders as the implementation of good corporate governance principles, CAP appointed a Corporate Secretary who is responsible directly to the Board of Directors.

Corporate Secretary plays an important role in maintaining relationships with all stakeholders in order to communicate CAP’s activities well, especially regarding the disclosure of information. This is in accordance with the provisions set out in the Financial Services Authority Regulation No. 35/ POJK.04 /2014 concerning Corporate Secretary of Issuer or Public Company.

Duties and responsibilities of Corporate Secretary are as follows:

  1. Manage information related to the business environment and conduct correspondence with interested party in the capital markets, including the Financial Services Authority (OJK) and Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX).
  2. Ensure the Company implements GCG principles and comply with applicable laws and regulations on the stock exchange and capital markets, including the Law of Limited Liability Company.
  3. Organize GMS, Meeting of the Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners, and Board of Directors Meeting.
  4. Organize communication activity between Management with stakeholders in order to build the image of the Company.
  5. Organize secretarial activities of CAP’s Management as well as facilitating the relationship of the Company/Management with stakeholders.

Corporate Secretary Profile

Corporate Secretary


Corporate Secretary

Indonesian citizen. Born in 1962. He earned his Bachelor of Economics from University of Indonesia. Currently, he serves as the Corporate Secretary. Previously, he has served as the Director of Human Resources and Corporate Affairs and also served as Director of PT Tripolyta Indonesia Tbk (TPI) since 1998 as well as Chief Financial Officer since 2005. He joined TPI in 1990 as Finance Manager and was promoted to Treasury Director in 1994.