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28-10-2015    Fraud Notifications  

Fraud Notifications

12-10-2015    OPEXCON Award 2015  

OPEXCON Award 2015

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24-08-2015    Announcement of Scholarship Candidate PT. Chandra Asri Petrochemical Tbk  

(Cilegon, August 24, 2015) PT. Chandra Asri Petrochemical Tbk (CAP) officially announced Scholarship Candidate through letter number 023/IR-CAP/VIII/2015 dated August 20, 2015. The names of 2015 Scholarship Candidates winners are:

  1. Fadhila Rizqi Karima (Chemical Education)
  2. Tiara Fitriyani (Agribusiness)
  3. Melani Eka Saputri (Economic Development)
  4. Hary Irawan (Electrical Engineering)
  5. Gennisa Hemasdianti A. (Agribusiness)
  6. A Ruyani (Indonesian Language and Literature Education)
  7. Tanri Paramita (English Language Education)
  8. Abul Fatah Fahrutaini (Primary Teacher Education)
  9. Fatimah Novitasari (Law Science)
  10. Syahrul Amin (Communication Science)

The Scholarships are granted after passing a series of selection steps, among others:

  1. New students who graduated SBMPTN 2015.
  2. Based in Serang district, Serang City and Cilegon City.
  3. Has SBMPTN grade value above 540.
  4. The provisions of certain economic conditions.

For information, Untirta through the Vice Chancellor IV for Cooperation to establish cooperation with CAP for 5 years related to the implementation of this scholarship program, while this selection is the first year selection, the scholarship recipients will receive a scholarship of UKT imposed upon him to semester 8. The scholarship can be terminated by considering academic achievement and if within 8 semester the scholarship recipients have not completed their studies.

Furthermore, the scholarship recipients will sign a scholarship agreement which will be held in late August or early September.

Similarly, this information is conveyed, felicitation to the winning scholarship candidates. Further information will be communicated via the web

24-08-2015    Hydroponics Cultivation Training  

Hydroponics Cultivation Training
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07-07-2015    Operational Vehicles Assistance  

Operational Vehicles Assistance
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11-06-2015    Untirta Scholarship Program Announcement 2015  

Untirta Scholarship Program 2015

Here is the Student List for Grantee, please click here.  
09-06-2015    Penundaan Pengumuman Hasil Akhir Penerima Beasiswa CAP UNTIRTA  

Sehubungan dengan masalah Teknis, maka Pengumuman Hasil Akhir Penerima Beasiswa CAP UNTIRTA ditunda dan akan diumumkan tanggal 11 Juni 2015.

Mohon Maaf atas ketidaknyamanan.  
09-06-2015    AGMS and Public Expose 2015  

AGMS and Public Expose 2015
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26-05-2015    Social Activity Free Medical Treatment  

Social Activity Free Medical Treatment
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20-05-2015    Pengumuman Program Beasiswa CAP-UNTIRTA Tahap I  

Daftar Mahasiswa/i yang lolos seleksi Program Beasiswa CAP-UNTIRTA tahap I.

Pengumuman Seleksi Tahap I UNTIRTA 2015  
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