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How is the procedure applied in the selection process of recruitment in the CAP?
If the applicant meets the specified requirements, will be called to participate in the selection process, that is user and HRD panel interview and then when pass the interview stage will be invited back to perform medical tests at a clinic that has been determined by CAP.

Is there any specific schedule imposed by the CAP in the implementation of recruitment? 
There is no specific timetable set for the selection of recruitment can be done anytime as needed and of course with reference to the labor needs of CAP.

What kind of disciplinary backgrounds that is needed in the CAP?
With a wide organization and broad scope of operations, basically almost every kind of disciplines required in the CAP. However, because the CAP is engaged in the petrochemical industry, the workforce with engineering background required more than the non-engineering background.

Is there any possibility that employees are placed on different areas of the disciplines owned?
If the experience that is consistent with the requirements which have been determined, it could happen that the employee is placed on a different field with his/her educational background.

What is the minimum education level required by CAP?
The minimum education level required by the CAP is Diploma 3 (D3)

If there are problems related to recruitment CAP, where do applicants should contact?
Applicants can contact immediately to (021) 530 7950 or (0254) 601 505.