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Internship Program

Internship or practical work is an introduction to the business program for students who will complete their studies with occupying a particular business unit corresponding academic field for a certain period of time. The program seeks to facilitate the students to learn and prepare themselves before entering the real world of work. The benefit of following the practical work in the CAP program includes:

  • Getting a valuable learning experience and a real understanding of the world of work as well as expand knowledge
  • Getting a lot of lessons about the petrochemical industry and CAP in particular
  • Accompanied by an experienced mentor
  • Getting facility lunch in the company cafeteria
  • Get a lot of new friends from other universities
  • Obtaining certificates

As for the registration process, can be done by sending:

  • Practical Work proposal (topics and periods of practical work) from school/university
  • For high school students who has up to 3rd grade
  • For diploma students who has completed their IV semester
  • For college students who has completed their VI semester
  • The field of education adopted in accordance with the business unit (user) which will be occupied