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Product Responsibility

The Company realizes that the service of quality product to customers is an important key to the ongoing success of business. Therefore, the Company actively builds an effective communication line with the customers and coupled with a strict production supervision to ensure the product quality comply with the standards.


Policies conducted by the Company related to product responsibility to the customers, among others:

Proactive Services Towards Customers

Chandra Asri positioned its customer as priority stakeholders who strongly influence business continuity. Understanding the importance, the Company implements a proactive service as a assurance effort of service satisfaction. Proactive service activities conducted by the Company is as follows:

  1. Technical Service Assistance
    In order to facilitate the comprehension and application of the products, Chandra Asri facilitates its customers with technical services. This service includes assisting customers to find solution in case of technical problems and improving the quality of finished products. In addition, Chandra Asri also provides assistance and cooperation to develop product for customer applications.
  2. Product mass socialization
    Product socialization is a form ofeducational service provided by Chandra Asri periodically. Product socialization is done through in-house training, technical service of new grade products, technical education, and compliance of products that produced on a regular basis.
  3. Customer Events
    To keep up the good relationship with customers, Chandra Asri annually conduct customer events i.e. Annual Customer Gathering, and Customer Appreciation Trip.
  4. Annual Customer Survey
    Chandra Asri annually carries out survey of customer satisfaction as a responsibility in ensuring the quality of Chandra Asri products.
Forward with Innovation

To maintain its position in the market and to create added value to its products and services, thus, winning more ground in the market, the Company always maintain one of its strategies, namely product development. This is vital to keep with the market development and to respond to the customers’ needs.

Implementation of Operational Excellence Through Kaizen Principle

In order to improve product quality and service value, the Company implements principles of Kaizen, a Japanese philosophy that focuses on the development and continuous improvement. Through Kaizen Day program, the Company made a competition that spurs innovation and increase operational excellence.

Implementation of Product Leadership

Implementation of the Company’s product leadership is oriented to sustainable development, production costs optimization, and product certification.