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 * As of 31st March 2024

List of Subsidiaries & Associate Companies

PT Chandra Daya Investasi
Direct Ownership
Consultancy Management Activities Operating  Jakarta
PT Krakatau Chandra Energi (KCE) 70
Non-Direct Ownership
Electricity Industry and Electricity Services Operating Cilegon
PT Krakatau Sarana Energi (KSE) 68.07
Non-Direct Ownership
Wholesale & Retail Trade, Repair of Motor Vehicles, Real Estate, and Electricity Support Activities Operating Cilegon
PT Krakatau Posco Energy (KPE) 45
Non-Direct Ownership
Electrical Generation Operating Cilegon
PT Krakatau Tirta Industri (KTI) 49
Non-Direct Ownership
Water Management Industry Operating Cilegon
PT Redeco Petrolin Utama (RPU) 50.75
Non-Direct Ownership
Wholesale Trade of Chemical Products & Materials and Warehousing & Storage Operating Jakarta
PT Chandra Samudera Port (CSP) 99.99
Non-Direct Ownership
Holding & Consultancy Management Activities Operating Jakarta
PT Chandra Asri Perkasa (CAP2) 99.99
Direct Ownership
Chemical Manufacture and Wholesale Trade Development Jakarta
PT Chandra Asri Alkali (CAA) 99.99
Non-Direct Ownership
Chemical Manufacture, Wholesale Trade, and Consultancy Management Activities Development Jakarta
 Name of Companies  Ownership(%)  Line of Business Status Domicile 
Chandra Asri Trading Company Pte. Ltd. (CATCO)  100
Direct Ownership
Petrochemical Products and Naphtha Trade Operating Singapore
Chandra Asri Capital Pte. Ltd. (CAC)  100
Non-Direct Ownership
Investment Company Operating Singapore
PT Synthetic Rubber Indonesia 
Direct Ownership
Artificial Rubber Manufacture Operating  Cilegon