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Practices of Employment, Health and Safety

Chandra Asri is committed to implement a proper manpower practices based on the principle of Occupational Health and Safety (K3) by fulfilling all the required and implied provision in safety and environmental regulations and evaluating its compliance periodically.


Chandra Asri’s efforts in performing a proper manpower practices and concerning occupational, health and safety, are implemented through the following activities.

  1. Ensuring employees’ welfare
  2. Ensuring employees’ health and safety.
  3. Cultivating K3

The Company’s concentration on K3 is a major concern to be cultivated as part of the corporate culture. The Company’s efforts to make the K3 to be a culture by the following activities.

  1. K3 Month Celebration by holding competition and non-competition activities as K3 socialization in the work environment.
  2. Implementation of Behavior Based Safety (BBS) program as prevention of accidents by doing approach based on human changing behavior.
  3. Publication of Safety Talk Material to all departments on a regular basis.
  4. Conducting Annual Refreshment Training which is a form of training and coaching in order to reduce the number of accidents at work every year.
  5. Performing a risk assessment and determine the hazard control from operations activities in accordance to the procedure of HIRADC (Hazard Identification Risk Assessment and Determine Control) and Job Hazard Analysis.
  6. Work closely with SCG Chemicals in adapting the system and implementation of Safety Best Practice and Turn- Around Maintenance (TAM).
  7. Practice of safety-based program namely Life Saving Rules as Golden Rules which regulating all forms of safety rules and sanctions against violations of the rules that have to be complied by all employees.

In addition, the Company also implements the principle of equal work opportunity and gender equality to male and female employees. Through these activities, the Company has attempted as much as possible in conducting responsibility in giving fair employment practices and attention to health and safety of employees.