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Environmental Responsibility

Chandra Asri is committed to continually consider, prevent, mitigate, and manage the impacts of operations and business.


Environmental responsibility is one of the CSR program that focused by Chandra Asri. In the implementation, the Chandra Asri frequently promote activities, socialization, education and counseling related to environmental management both internally and externally to the community.


Chandra Asri participated in the International Earth Day by took part in the drive to plant 10,000 mangrove trees in the coastal of Muara Karangantu located on the Gulf Banten Serang, Banten Province. This cooperation with NGO Rekonvasi Bhumi and the provincial government of Banten is also includes the maintenance of mangrove trees in the coming years. Besides to repair mangrove ecology, the program also made so that the community can perform the utilization of degraded land in mangrove forest area so that the economic benefits are able to be perceived by the local community. In addition, Chandra Asri is also involved in a program to plant hundreds of trees along with the Cilegon Environmental Agency.


Chandra Asri attempted to minimize waste, one of which is to use semi-bulk containers have been used for transport. The containers replace the use of jerry cans which can only be used once.


As an attempt to minimize waste, the Chandra Asri replaces the use of jerry cans that can only be used once with a semibulk containers can be used repeatedly for container transportation. Chandra Asri also attempt to conducts energy conservation and natural resources such as feedstock optimization, and implementation of eco-office through this following activities:

  • Go Paperless, one of the activities is to replace the permitting system of conventional form into a digital form.
  • Saving Electricity, turn off the lights during break time and perform other electrical energy savings beyond work activities.
  • Conserving Water, campaign of water usage as needed.

The monitoring of these programs are conducted every month to find out how much savings.


Chandra Asri continues to look for ways to help preserve energy, and one way to do this is by utilizing Turbine Ventilator at all of the our warehouse and workshop. The idea is to have an energy-efficient alternative to conventional air circulation system.