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Indonesia’s leading chemical and infrastructure solutions company



At Chandra Asri, we are dedicated to enhancing lives, communities, and the environment. Our mission is built on the pillars of innovative solutions and strong partnerships, with a solid commitment to sustainability, safety, and best practices.




Business Principles

We are committed to implement:

Concerning Stakeholders

  1. Protect shareholders’ investment and provide an acceptable rate of return.
  2. Provide customers with reliable products and services that offer value in terms of price, functionality, quality, safety and environmental impact.
  3. Provide employees with safe working conditions, opportunities to develop relevant talents and realize their full potential, and competitive rewards based on performance.
  4. Develop mutually beneficial relationship with contractors, suppliers, authorities and partners.
  5. Compete fairly and ethically with other enterprises.
  6. Discharge our corporate responsibilities and contribute to social and economic progress through business activities.

Concerning Behaviours

  1. Act with honesty, integrity and fairness in all aspects of business.
  2. Treat all people with respect.
  3. Do not offer, solicit or accept bribes.
  4. Avoid conflict of interest between personal and business activities.
  5. Observe the laws of the country and the rules and regulations of the Company.
  6. Observe good health, safety and environmental practices.